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Zander v1.1.0 Patch Notes

· 3 min read
Ben Robson

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all having a good 2024, I am releasing a new update which introduces Ranks, some modification to configuration and some bug fixes.

Notes & Configuration Changes

I would like to note that in this update we have migrated some configuration and added additional configuration options.


  • A new keywords field has been added for SEO configuration.
  • The discord.channels is now discord.webhooks and now requires a webhook URL for (welcome, networkChatLog, adminLog) to operate.
  • Added a Discord webhook for staffChannel for the staffhelp command.


  • Ranks - Ranks is a feature that allows Administration to modify configuration file to display ranks, perks and have linked in to external URLs to support the server.

Patch Notes


No changes for this update.


  • Implemented a Command Spy Event which sends command data to API.
  • Implemented a Social Spy Event which sends direct message (dm) data to API.


  • Made urgent change to hasPermission, allowing non-logged in users to view administration panel.
  • Change node engine to support Node 18.
  • Logs: Make usernames more presentable in logs.
  • Add page descriptions to headers.
  • Added keywords and SEO option to configuration.
  • Add documentation badges for dashboard list and editors.
  • Made changes for view and session page changes to be more mobile friendly.
  • Resolved mobile styling issues with dashboard views.
  • Resolve issues with cookie banner not showing on /register.
  • Added a staffChannel config option with the addition of the /staffhelp command.
  • Reformat all project files using Prettier.
  • Resolve issue with logout causing the application to crash.
  • Separate redirect route into own file, add config option for kb and added issue tracker route.
  • Added keywords to config.json for SEO configuration.
  • Added ranks.json for rank configuration.
  • Added following front-facing routes:
    • Ranks /ranks
    • Added /issues redirect.


Have a look at our API documentation for information on routes functionality.

  • Implement Command & Social Spy API Functionality.
  • Discord
    • Implemented /spy/command
    • Implemented /spy/directMessage


  • Filter: Patched delete message after filtering prohibited content.
  • Filter: Fixed issue where filter errors after response is sent.
  • Network Log: Fixed spacing messages.
  • Network Log: Remove deleted channel field from being mentioned twice.
  • Migrate all discord channel-based functions to webhooks.
  • Implemented the following commands:
    • poll - Ask everyone a question or something to vote on!
    • staffhelp - Sends a message to our Staff for help or assistance.
    • ranks - Display link to view rank perks and donate.