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Bulk Crafting


Crafting a chest with logs directly results in four chests, simplifying the process of creating numerous chests without the need to convert logs into planks first.


Stripped logs or any combination of log-types can be used interchangeably.

Bone Blocks

Bone blocks can be easily crafted by using bones as raw materials.


The ability to craft Bundles using the vanilla recipe has been enabled.

Vanilla Crafting Rebalances

Vanilla crafting recipes have undergone minor changes:

6-Sided Logs

The 6-sided log crafting process has been modified to yield 4 wood instead of 3.

Fermented Spider Eyes

Both red and brown mushrooms can be used to ferment spider eyes.

Bee Nests

To create "natural" bee nests, one can combine "artificial" beehives with honeycomb through crafting.


To craft all types of chainmail armor, chains are required as the main material.


The combination of a dispenser and a dropper allows for convenient bulk crafting of bows, while still retaining the original vanilla recipe.

End Crystal

Two additional end crystals can be acquired from the Dragon Egg, which is now a guaranteed drop from the Ender Dragon and can also be found in End City chests, in addition to the vanilla recipe.


To craft an elytra, you need a Diamond Chestplate, an Ender Eye, a Chorus Flower, and 6 Phantom Membrane.


To craft this, prior visitation to The End dimension is a requirement.


To craft an Experience Bottle, you will need quartz, glowstone dust, and a water bottle.

Insert alternate updated recipe with Skulk


To craft a trident, you need three diamond swords for the tines and two conduits for the handle.

Notch Apple

The duplication of Enchanted Golden Apples involves combining a regular golden apple, an enchanted golden apple, and 7 blocks of gold, which is not only reminiscent of the original vanilla recipe but also one ingot cheaper.



Blackstone, a type of block, can be produced by combining Basalt and Cobblestone, which are both materials that can be created using lava.

Guilded Blackstone

The process of crafting Guilded Blackstone involves surrounding blackstone with gold nuggets.

Recraftable Gravel

Flint can be repacked into gravel.

Rotten Flesh

By crafting 9 rotten flesh, players can obtain 1 rabbit hide, which can then be used with the vanilla recipe to craft 4 rabbit hides into 1 piece of leather.

Sponge Duplication

When sponge (wet or dry) is combined with coral blocks and live corals (of any color), 4 sponges can be crafted.

Unpackable Ice

The crafting recipes for Blue ice and Packed ice can be reversed, providing a convenient way to store ice or water.

Blue Ice

Packed Ice