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Player Head Hunt

Player Head Hunt is a customisable hide and seek head hunting plugin that allows you to load maps with regions and configure a hide and seek type head hunt event. Typical use cases can be Easter Egg Hunts and Present Hunts at Christmas time.


You can download a copy of our plugin directly here


Have an issue to report or a suggestion for the plugin? Jump over to our Discord and ask in our #playerheadhunt forum channel.



  • WorldEdit is required since it is used to count all the heads in the hunting region.


  • Download the latest version of our plugin from the link above and install it into your Server in the plugins folder.
  • Launch your Server once and go to the config.yml file and fill in the configuration options such as the MySQL database credentials.
  • More options for Configuration can be found here.


  • In your database client, run the dbinit.sql file that is provided in the repository.
  • You may want to change out aspects like the username and the password to ensure this is more secure.